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"I miss you why" 


Selected at the 9 th International VIDEO POETRY Festival in Athens, 2021.


2021FLIGHT/ Mostra Internazionale del Cinema di Genova 2021

DUENDE SESSIONS Festival Barcelona 2021

SILENT RIVER Film Festival Greater Los Angeles, CA 2021. 


RIVER RHYTHM AWARD (Best Poetry Film Award)

MOTION PICTURES International Film Festival 2021

SEMI-FINALIST Bologna in Lettere 10th - Videopoetry 
Festival 2022


FINE ARTS Film festival Santa Barbara 2022

POETRY Film Festival HOLLYWOOD 2022


OFFICIAL SELECTION - FLIGHT Mostra Internazionale del Cinema di Genova - 2021-4.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Silent River Film Festival - 2021.png

" I Miss you why " tells us about the questioning of a couple concerning their love life. From expectation to need, from habit to indifference, from the definitive departure that brings to light regrets, what importance do we really give to the other in our lives?



Based on a true story, DESTINY  is the poignant adventure of an 11-year-old boy, whose life is plunged into turmoil when his mother disappears. 


His ambition will save him from a predetermined fate. 



 This film is for general audiences: from age 11 on up.


“There are difficult paths that make us suffer, endless hours where we reach rock-bottom, but sometimes these moments help us reach our true destiny and reveal our real nature.”


 Budget 1,000,000 euros


Looking for co-production


A young woman arrives from the Cameroons. She has just married Simon, who brings her to Paris where he lives with his first wife, Linda. Edith has always dreamed about the City of Lights...

Development in progress.

Kiss the night my love

A young woman named Sarah decides to abandon everything after a serious incident turns her world completely upside-down.


"Hurry up and live or hurry up and die, but don't just stay stuck in the middle," an old woman tells her, awakening a desire to live in the young woman that is very different from her suffocating daily life.


She leaves her husband and her job and embarks on a journey filled with risk.


Her husband Peter sets out to look for her. His determination to find her, throughout a chaotic trip,  makes him realise how important she is to him.


This is a climate where the landscapes change dramatically... set in a hostile, rootless society... More than a mere road movie or love story, this is first and foremost a personal adventure that makes us think about the meaning of our very existence.


Maybe Sarah will find the answers in the characters she meets on her journey...

Looking for co-production

Development in progress

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